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Ribbon Blenders - A Best Practices Guide
Recommended equipment for blending nutraceuticals.
Electronic variable speed promotes processing flexibility in ribbon blenders from soft start to discharge.

Standard Design
The standard stainless steel model is available in many sizes from 1 through 515 cu.ft. - many sizes from stock.
Screw Discharge Design
Our unique screw discharge design is perfect for push button discharge to packaging equipment.
Vacuum Design
The Vacuum model is designed with heavier walls and cover as well as special stuffing boxes.

Ross is the leading supplier of Ribbon Blenders for dry powder blending in the process industries. Many products including pharmaceuticals, foods (BISSC certified), chemicals, fertilizers, plastics, pigments, and cosmetics are manufactured in Ross Ribbon and Paddle Blenders.

Powder blenders from Ross include Ribbon & Paddle designs and range in capacity from 1/2 cu ft. laboratory models to 515 cu. ft. production units. A wide variety of horsepower and speed combinations satisfy the most demanding blending applications.

Optional features such as sanitary designs, vacuum construction, special valves and cover openings can be provided to fine tune the machine to your process.

Laboratory testing is available to qualify your application, and to insure the selection of the best Ross mixer for your requirement. Based on data supplied by our clients or gathered during tests in our Customer Service Laboratory, our engineers assist in selection the most efficient machine for its intended use. The world's largest blender inventory is available for fast shipment. Ross Blenders are also available for purchase or trial rental.