Ribbon Blenders Photo Gallery

Vacuum Design

Vacuum Ribbon Blenders are custom designed to meet each customer's special needs. This 90-cu.ft. jacketed unit includes a highly custom cover and Hastelloy wetted parts.

Standard Design

All blender covers are built to best suit the material handling needs of the installation. The end-hinged design permits full access for charging and cleaning.

Sanitary Design

This 120 cu.ft. sanitary model includes a two piece hinged cover, safety grating and a pneumatically operated discharge valve.

Laboratory Model

Laboratory Models are available in 1/2 and 1 cu.ft. sizes. Our 1 cu.ft. size is normally available from stock for immediate shipment.

Vacuum Dryer

Cylindrical designs are often used for vacuum drying requirements. They can be supplied with complete control systems, dust filters and vacuum systems.

Custom Vacuum Dryer

This 150 cu.ft. model includes an improved paddle design to insure that the materials being dried are exposed to the jacketed surfaces.

High Speed Chopper Design

High Speed Choppers are available as an option to enable size reduction of solids that have a tendancy to lump.

Sanitary Model

This 10-cu.ft. all stainless steel model includes many special features including a discharge screw auger, spray nozzles, load cells and controls.

515 cu.ft Capacity

Our blenders are manufactured in many sizes up to 1000 cu.ft. capacity. Atsmopheric and vacuum designs are offered..

515 cu. ft. Capacity